ACMA Teaches Engineers about Composites at 2017 International Bridge Conference

Piyali Das Press Releases

June 7, 2017, (National Harbor, Md.) – Today, the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) held its 17th consecutive technical workshop at the International Bridge Conference. Through a series of seven presentations, the workshop showcased advancements in the design and specification of FRP products to build steel-free concrete structures, as well as retrofit and rehabilitate aging bridges. Presentations include the first-ever use of FRP rebar in a cable-stayed bridge and new techniques for accelerated bridge construction and rapid composites deck replacement.

As engineers at the conference learned, composites offer light weight, corrosion resistance and design flexibility. In retrofit and rehabilitation situations, composites extend the service life of the bridge, are faster to install and require minimal disruption to the structure. Over the past 20 years, these properties have convinced engineers all across North America to build more than 500 bridges with composites.

The workshop also presented an opportunity for ACMA members to learn about developments in the infrastructure market and to meet potential customers that are looking to learn about composites in transportation structures.

“Composites are a proven solution for our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges,” said Tom Dobbins, ACMA President. “Through its Transportation Structures Council and outside market development efforts, ACMA has worked diligently to promote awareness of FRP in infrastructure applications and develop codes and standards that make composites a feasible option for transportation engineers.”

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