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ACMA Members,

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday. Today, I’ll be briefer than usual.

I want to remind you that the Paycheck Protection Program has reopened for new applicants. If your company is interested in applying, please do so quickly. Judging from how fast the program was spent out from the original CARES Act appropriation, we have every reason to think it might not last beyond this week. Information on PPP and other relief provisions is available on our resource page.

Congressional leadership has already begun work on infrastructure revitalization legislation. You know better than me that composites should be the GO-TO material to make our built environment stronger, longer lasting, and more resilient in the face of emergencies. Help us make this happen by completing our advocacy survey. As the legislative process speeds up, expect to see more information on our strategy and what you can do to drive success.

Finally, if you have a spare hour this week and are looking for some insights, view the recording from last week’s panel on business operations and planning – it was a great session. If you missed it, now is your chance to catch up!

Have a great week and never hesitate to let ACMA know what we can do to help.

My very best,

MJ Carrabba
Director, Government Affairs

Latest ACMA Resources:

Panel Speakers

ACMA recently held a webinar with MJ Carrabba and John Schweitzer along with a panel of composites industry executives for a live discussion about managing business operations effectively during this pandemic. Viewers heard directly from other business leaders and gained insights from companies that are managing (and even thriving) during this unstable period.

Get answers to your questions:

•    How do I respond if an employee contracts COVID-19?
•    How do I plan for the future in light of economic uncertainty?
•    How do I maintain a positive workforce and employee morale?

The webinar also provided additional details on federal funding and stimulus support for businesses, including updates on the recently depleted Paycheck Protection Program and developments in Congress to add more funding to the plan. To view the webinar, click here.

Latest Industry Resources:
SBA relief options including Paycheck Protection Program and more
White House Guidelines for Opening Up America Again
Summary of employer obligations employee protection, record keeping, and enforcement related to Coronavirus
IRS Guidance on Modifying Net Operating Losses
Overview of full federal response activities

Keep up to date by watching ACMA’s resource page here.
Keep up to date by watching ACMA’s resource page here.