A New CGI Fund Project Has Been Approved  

Mukisa Williams Inside ACMA

The CGI Fund Projects Steering Committee reviewed several potential projects and decided to fund a project to support ACMA Staff, ACMA/ANSI Secretariat, and the ANSI Relevant Committee for the Code of Standard Practice to prepare technical resolutions for 150+ comments resulting from the first ballot with the Consensus Body on the draft 2nd Edition of the ANSI/ACMA Code of Standard Practice for the Fabrication and Installation of Pultruded FRP Structures. This is an important step in the ANSI process to update this ACMA publication. The Committee plans to review several more projects in the coming months on the topics of plant certification development and a multi-project plan to address sustainability including Life Cycle Inventory data, Life Cycle Assessment, Product Category Rules, and Environmental Product Declaration. For more information, contact John Busel at jbusel@acmanet.org