Market Growth Highlights – September 2022 Insider

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ANSI/ACMA Utility Pole Standard Plans Update – Call for Volunteers 

ACMA received approval for the Standard Specification for FRP Composite Utility Poles in 2018. During the recent Utility & Communications Structures Council meeting, the committee made plans to move forward with starting the process to update this standard because there have been several technology and design advancements for FRP utility poles. The process to update the standard is expected to take about a year. This announcement invites those in the composites industry to join the Utility Pole Relevant Committee to help with providing technology updates for this document. Periodic virtual and in-person meetings are planned. People knowledgeable about materials and manufacturing of pultruded and filament wound poles are encouraged to participate in this committee.  If you are in the industry, contact John Busel at

ACI Publishes Code for FRP Rebar 

A major industry milestone was achieved for GFRP rebar on September 2, 2022. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced the publication of ACI CODE-440.11-22: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete Reinforced with Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Bars—Code and Commentary. The process to create this code took over 4 years, and over 20 years since the first edition of the design guideline specification created by ACI Committee 440 (FRP composites). The significance of this document is that it is a dependent code and linked to the concrete building code ACI 318 meaning that engineers and designers can design with GFRP similar to what they do with steel. And, as an added bonus, last week, the code change proposal to include this Code into the 2024 International Building Code was approved during Public Hearings pending a full vote of all building officials. For more information, contact John Busel at .