Composites Sustainability – October 2022 Insider

Ashley Howe Inside ACMA

A New Hydrogen Economy Could Mean a Larger and More Sustainable Composites Industry 

To meet goals for reducing emission of climate warming gases, the U.S. will need to shift from fossil fuels to hydrogen as an energy source for industrial processes and transportation. Using hydrogen to power glass furnaces, carbon fiber lines and petrochemical operations will help decarbonize the composites industry’s supply chain, making the industry more competitive in important markets like transportation infrastructure and automotive. And composite products such as pressure vessels and pipes will be needed to produce, store and transport hydrogen, and to use it for powering heavy duty zero emission trucks, hydrogen powered ships, zero-emission aircraft, and fuel cell powered rail. Further, the industry can benefit from clean energy incentives established in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.

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