Market Growth Highlights – Insider – November 10, 2022

Ashley Howe Insider

Architectural Division Planning Workshop for Architects at CAMX 2023   

After hosting a successful Architectural Workshop at CAMX 2019, ACMA’s Architectural Division gathered at CAMX 2022 to plan for hosting an Architectural Workshop at CAMX 2023. In this workshop, architects, engineers, design professionals, contractors, and builders will learn about FRP materials to better design, manufacture, and construct building structures and components. This workshop will instruct those who are new or experienced with using FRP composites for architectural building components and structures through various educational sessions and networking opportunities. For more information on how to get involved with this workshop and the Architectural Division, please contact Hannah Nugent 

ACA Members Learn About Trends in the Automotive Composites Market 

During CAMX 2022, ACMA’s Automotive Composites Alliance members received a member-exclusive presentation from S&P Global’s Principal Research Analyst, Edwin Pope on “Automotive Composites: Market Approaches and Opportunities.” This special presentation gave an overview of the decision criteria in changing business processes along with the various opportunities for composites to be adopted in the automotive industry. Additionally, this presentation gave a strategic overview of various OEMs and their composite material forecasts. If you’re interested in becoming an Automotive Composites Alliance member and receiving access to this presentation among S&P Global’s other services, please contact Hannah Nugent.