Regulatory News – Insider – December 22, 2022

Ashley Howe Insider

Submit Comments on EPA’s Risk Assessment for Cobalt Compounds 

EPA’s IRIS program will hold a Jan. 11 Public Science Meeting regarding its inhalation cancer risk assessment for cobalt and cobalt compounds, possibly to include the compounds used as polymerization promoters in many composites manufacturing operations. ACMA members can support a scientifically valid assessment by submitting comments to EPA in advance of the Jan. 11 meeting. 

Submit your comment at You can cut and paste your comment into the “start typing here” box. You can also attach a PDF prepared on your company letterhead, but please enter “See attached comment from [company name]” into the “start typing here box”. 

The following text is suggested for your comment – 

[Company name] supports the recommendations of the Cobalt Institute (CI) contained within the document ‘CI Response into the IRIS PC 2022Dec14’ and submitted into the docket for the IRIS assessment plan and protocol for Co and Co compounds (inhalation, cancer). We highlight that there are distinct groups of cobalt substances, and these should be evaluated separately. We add that EPA should consider using recent and robust mode-of-action, animal and human data in a weight-of-evidence approach, to support the use of a threshold (non-linear) approach at low doses in the dose-response for carcinogenicity.