Composites Sustainability – ACMA Insider – January 26, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

What are Challenges to Reporting Climate Impacts for Composite Products? EPA (and ACMA) Wants to Know 

EPA announced Jan. 19 a series of webinars to collect feedback on new grant, technical assistance, and labelling programs for construction materials with substantially lower levels of embodied greenhouse gas emissions. This is an especially important opportunity for companies wanting to participate in sustainability-driven markets for infrastructure and construction materials.  

ACMA will hold two videoconference meetings to solicit member company input for industry responses to EPA’s information requests. Managers at supplier or composites manufacturing companies responsible for sustainability programs or interacting with end-users on these issues are especially needed to participate. Register here for the ACMA meetings, to be held at 1pm ET on both Feb. 8 and Feb. 24, or contact John Schweitzer for more information. 

What are the Best Products? 

Everyone knows that composites are strong, lightweight and won’t rust and corrode, but we lack the quantitative analysis that our competitors offer for the sustainability performance of their products. ACMA wants to identify the best composite products for detailed analysis of use-phase sustainability benefits. What composite products offer significant use-phase environmental benefits such as reduced energy use and environmental impact, financial benefits such as reduced installation or maintenance costs, or social benefits such as reduced inconvenience while infrastructure components are out of service for repair or maintenance? Please send your nominations to John Schweitzer.