Regulatory Updates – ACMA Insider – January 26, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

Workplace Data May Drive Styrene Regulation 

Because risk is a function of exposure, EPA will need reliable data on workplace exposures to set the risk-based regulatory requirements for styrene under the Toxic Substances Control Act. A lack of exposure data will likely cause the agency to use highly precautionary estimates or models that could result in unwarranted regulation of styrene-using industries. EPA invited ACMA to participate in an ongoing series of stakeholder meetings to assess methods the agency could use to collect workplace exposure data, and ACMA hired a consulting firm to collect and evaluate readily available exposure information from both public sources and industry members. Contact John Schweitzer for more information. 

IRS Asked to Impose Superfund Taxes on Epoxy Imports 

In a Jan. 19 notice, the Internal Revenue Service reported that it has received a petition to list bisphenol A epoxy resin as a “taxable substance” under Section 4672(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Importers of a substance listed under Section 4672(a) are required to pay the Superfund tax when the substance is later sold or used. More information about Superfund taxes is available here.