Education & Workforce Development – Insider – April 6, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

Industry Welcomes 14 New Certified Professionals

Through hard work and dedication to the composites industry, the following industry professionals are newly Certified Composites Technicians (CCT). Congratulations are in order for:  


  • Adrian Ramirez Ortiz (Andercol S.A.) 

Light Resin Transfer Molding

  • Albert Esteves (AOC Resins) 

Open Molding

  • Brent Bowman (North American Composites)
  • Brian Meyer (Owens Corning)
  • Frank Alvarez (BestBath)
  • Jorge Linares (Safe Slide Restoration)
  • Kent Janeway (North American Composites)
  • Kyle Watts (North American Composites)
  • Linsey Rouse (North American Composites)
  • Matt Spurgeon
  • Mike Floyd (North American Composites)
  • Mike McCrary (North American Composites)
  • Paige Johnson (Owens Corning) 

Wind Blade Repair

  • Jason Dougherty 

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