Market Development Highlights – ACMA Insider – July 13, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

ACMA Council Approved to Update Pedestrian Bridge Specification

A task group of the Transportation Structures Council was approved by the AASHTO T-6 (FRP) committee to update the first edition of the FRP Pedestrian Bridge Specification. The updated version will include new information on products including sandwich panel construction, pultruded planks and more.

The new document will be prepared for T-6 review and approval by November 2023 before being sent to state bridge engineers for consensus approval. Updating the specification is very important to the composites industry because bridge engineers need to learn about the new materials and construction, and the latest version will educate them on the current state of the practice. The updated specification will include information that will give bridge engineers the confidence they need to design with composites. The final vote on this updated specification will take place in June 2024.

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