Composites Sustainability – ACMA Insider – September 21, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

Climate Bill Approved by California Legislature Will Require Reporting by Large Companies and their Suppliers

Under bills passed by the state legislature September 14 and expected to be signed by Governor Newsome, companies with more than $1B in annual global revenue and that do business in California would be required to annually provide the state with data on emission of climate warning gases including from their supply chains.

ACMA cosigned a September 18 letter calling on Newsome to veto the bill. The letter argues that SB 253 will have an outsized impact on the small and medium-sized business community.

Resources prepared under ACMA’s Climate Impact Project will help composites manufacturers prepare the emission estimates that will be needed if supplying products to the approximately 5,000 companies obligated to report under the California reporting program.

Please contact John Schweitzer for more information. 

Draft LCA Available for Vinyl Ester Resin, Polyurethane Precursors and Pultruded Products

Draft industry-average lifecycle assessments for the manufacture of vinyl ester and polyurethane resins and for products made using the pultrusion process are available for review.

Prepared under ACMA’s Climate Impact Project, when finalized these LCA will help composites manufacturers to cost efficiently and reliably prepare assessment of the cradle-to-gate emission of climate warming gases, and other environmental impacts, associated with their products. Previously prepared industry-average LCA for unsaturated polyester resin and e-glass, and for products made using the open mold, open mold casting, compression molding and vacuum infusion processes, are available in a 2012 report available from ACMA.  

Contact Hannah Henry to request a copy of the recently released draft industry average LCA or for more information about ACMA’s Climate Impact Project.