Composites Sustainability – ACMA Insider – October 5, 2023

Ashley Howe Insider

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Novel Sustainable Composites with Recycled Aerospace Prepreg Waste 

This paper explores how mechanically recycled aerospace waste can be used in combination with bio-based polyamide 11 (PA11) to minimize the need for virgin materials when producing CFRP’s. By sourcing these components from waste material, unnecessary losses at both the beginning and end of a product’s life can be reduced. The team also conducted numerous mechanical tests on the composites to verify their integrity, finding them suitable for use in both aerospace and automotive applications. 

Read online: Novel Sustainable Composites Incorporating a Biobased Thermoplastic Matrix and Recycled Aerospace Prepreg Waste: Development and Characterization | Semantic Scholar 

Multifunctional Asphalt Concrete and Smart Transportation Infrastructure 

Researchers in Australia, Germany, and the USA investigated the potential of cement-asphalt composites to act as a sort of ‘smart pavement’ with the capacity to self-heal, reduce emissions, and withstand extreme temperatures.  

By incorporating a series of carbon nanostructures into the pavement mixture the researchers searched for a way to allow it to absorb or reflect heat based on the temperature. If done correctly, the road surface would be able to regulate its temperature in extreme conditions, mitigating the need for many wintertime surface treatments that can damage automobiles. 

To reduce emissions, they also examined the viability of using TiO2 as a photocatalyst. Exhaust gases passing over the surface of the road would react with this coating and become less harmful.  

Read online: Multifunctional asphalt concrete pavement toward smart transport infrastructure: Design, performance and perspective – ScienceDirect 

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