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The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is the composites industry’s largest trade group in the world.

ACMA at a Glance

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) is the world’s largest composites industry trade group. By delivering invaluable education and events, access to market intelligence, and by working with regulators and legislators, ACMA serves as the center of expertise and competence and an essential driver of industry growth and prosperity.

We represent small and large companies—manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, and affiliates—from every market segment in all 50 states as well as international members.


ACMA Member Breakdown


Our Commitment

ACMA is led by the interests, energy and innovation of its members. We help members prosper through three main areas:


Education & Information

We provide educational resources and access to market intelligence for more informed decision making and planning.


Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

We deliver insights that influence advocacy and regulation, and guide the direction for the industry.


Market Growth & Development

We promote innovation, cultivate new markets and new opportunities for the composites industry.

2016–2017 Annual Report

ACMA is excited to share news of the past year's successes in our 2016-2017 Annual Report. By working together toward ACMA's vision of being the "voice of the composites industry," we strive to position composites as the material of preference.

Programmatic Expenses 2017

The chart below illustrates the breakout of ACMA’s programmatic expenses for 2017.


Revenue Sources 2017

This chart shows the breakout of ACMA’s revenue sources for 2017.

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