Board of Directors

The ACMA Board is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated individuals from a wide range of companies. It includes manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of different sizes and representing various market segments and manufacturing processes.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee convenes on a regular basis to make important management decisions regarding the best interests of ACMA and its members.

Fred Sanford (2025)
Chairman of the Board

Megan Multanen (2026)


scott balogh (2023)
Immediate Past Chairman

Mar-Bal, Inc.

Vice Chairman

Composites One, LLC

JAKE AXEL (2023)

Axel Plastics Research

Jane Thomas (2024)
Supplier at Large

Teijin Holdings US


ACMA’s directors supervise and direct the affairs of the Association as well as determine its policies.

Eric Ball (2024)

Orenco Composites

Kevin Barnett (2024)

United Fiberglass of America

Tarik Basrawi (2024)

Aramco Americas

Lucy Houchin (2023)

IDI Composites International

Richard Knipe (2022)

3A Composites Core Material

Fletcher Lindberg (2024)


Tony Martin (2023)

North American Composites

Kevin Matthies (2024)

Spirit Aerosystems

John O'Sullivan (2024)

Crane Composites, Inc.

Scott Pflughoeft (2023)

Ashley Industrial Molding Inc.

Al Tuccio (2022)

Arkema Inc.

Mike Wallenhorst (2023)

Fiber-Tech Industries Inc.

Shane Weyant (2023)

Creative Pultrusion, Inc.

Ben Wiltsie (2022)



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