Our Story

Mission & Strategy

ACMA proactively provides education, advocacy and representation, industry expertise and competence to our members, our industry and other markets—expanding our reach to others who would benefit from composites.

Our Vision

ACMA strives to be the voice and protector for the composites industry and the essential driver of growth, providing an open forum for information exchange, discussion and collaboration that benefits us all.

As a member-driven association, ACMA helps members prosper through:


1. Education & information

ACMA provides educational resources and access to market intelligence for more informed decision-making and planning.

  • We give members access to educational tools including webinars, papers written by industry experts and information on business-related topics.
  • Our certification programs educate employees on technical subject areas, so they can add value to the organization.
  • We deliver market intelligence and industry experts and thought leaders in our publications and newsletters.
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2. Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

ACMA delivers insights that influence advocacy and regulation and guide the direction of the industry.

  • We listen to our members and others in our industry in order to determine advocacy that will increase business opportunities, open new markets and strengthen the composites industry.
  • We represent the interests of the composites industry on Capitol Hill, meeting with policy makers, lawmakers and legislators.
  • We work with Congress and Federal and State agencies to develop and implement legislation, regulation, and other policies that promote a positive business environment for the composites industry and open new markets for composite products.
Policy and Regulatory Agenda



3. Market Growth & Development

ACMA promotes innovation, and cultivates new markets and new opportunities for the composites industry.

  • We help members and others to prosper by facilitating new business opportunities, suggesting potential partnerships and making introductions to potential customers.
  • We maintain a sustainable marketing platform to target end-users to introduce and inform them on composites products.
  • Our CGI Committees focus on strengthening different aspects of our industry, opening new doors to growth and development.
Market Growth Initiatives

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