Ohio TechCred Program

Ohio composites manufacturers can gain access to state funding for workforce development and training, including ACMA’s CCT program, through the Ohio state-run TechCred Program.

What is the TechCred Program?

The TechCred program is a state-run funding program designed to promote workforce development and training and foster the next generation of workers. The program reimburses Ohio businesses for credential and certification programs, including ACMA’s Certified Composites Technician Program—the only nationally-recognized composites industry certification program. The program is administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Step 1. Set-up or Update a Supplier ID - this is required to apply for funding

To register as a new supplier or update an existing account with the State of Ohio, visit https://supplier.ohio.gov and follow the prompts until completed. Questions regarding the Ohio Supplier ID number? Please contact Ohio Shared Services Contact Center at (877) 644-6771 or email ohiosharedservices@ohio.gov.

Step 2. Sign Up for Program and Funding Round Opening Updates

Sign up for program updates and funding and stay informed about important details: https://workforce.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/workforce/contact

Step 3. Apply for the Grant Funding Online

When the funding round opens, you’ll receive an email notifying you that applications are being accepted. You will apply online for the number of staff participating in training. Applicants will be required to submit the following information:

  • Employer Information:

    ● Federal Tax ID
    ● Employer Name
    ● Supplier ID Number
    ● Ohio Charter Number
    ● Address
    ● Employer’s Industry
    ● Number of Full-Time Employees in Ohio
    ● Employer Website Link
    ● Employer Point of Contact and Contact Information
  • Credential Information:

    ● Credential Selected (from approved list)
    ● Training Cost
    ● Certification Test Cost
    ● Total Actual Cost of Credential (Training and/or Certification Costs Combined)
    ● Name of Training Provider
    ● Type of Training Provider
    ● Requested Reimbursement Amount from Credential
  • Trainee Information:

    ● Number of Prospective Employees Who Will Earn Each Credential
    ● Number of Incumbent Employees who will Earn Each Credential
    ● Average Wage of Employees Before Earning Credential
    ● Projected Average Wage of Employees After Earning Credential

Contact ACMA to get all the necessary info to complete the application.

Step 4. Purchase the CCT Course from ACMA’s Education Hub and Start Training

Select the CCT course on ACMA’s Education Hub. ACMA members receive reduced pricing for CCT courses. Upon completion of training, ACMA will provide employer proof of completion. View certification pricing and enrollment and exam processes here.

Step 5. Submit Proof of Completion to Ohio Development Services Agency for Refund of Training Costs

Gain free access to high-quality training with established, measurable technical standards for eight composites manufacturing processes from the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) - the world’s leading trade group for the composites manufacturing industry.

Contact Us


Ohio Development Services Agency Contact:
Shannon Vanderpool - Program Manager
Office of Strategic Business Investments
Ohio Development Services Agency

ACMA Certification Contact:
Andrew Pokelwaldt - Director, Certification
American Composites Manufacturers Association

Join thousands of organizations, colleges and universities, and composites industry professionals who use this powerful program to provide essential training:

  • Improve production performance
  • Establish technical skill baselines
  • Enhance knowledge and skill levels
  • Advance the technical expertise of floor workers and managers
  • Elevate industry standards of excellence

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