An Introduction to Mechanical Testing for Composites, Powered by Instron


Composites offer engineers improved performance and flexibility, but come at the cost of increased material complexity. It’s easy to overlook the challenges of producing high quality test data to support the needs of design and materials development.

The complete characterization of static composite material properties requires a range of tests under different loading conditions, often at non-ambient temperatures. For safety-critical applications found in the aerospace, wind energy, and automotive industries, more complex testing is required to determine durability under service conditions – including compression after impact (CAI), fatigue loading, high-speed testing, and more.

Developing an efficient process for testing composite materials in compliance with approved standards and within the requirements of auditing bodies such as Nadcap is demanding from an equipment and personnel standpoint.

Join us for a discussion about some of the most common composite testing challenges, methods of testing, international standards, testing equipment, and a look at future trends.