Composites Industry Market Data Program

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The Composites Industry Market Data Program

Every day composites are finding their way into more applications, in some cases displacing incumbent materials and other times solving new challenges. We’re growing, but to date, it has been difficult to say exactly how much. ACMA’s Composites Industry Market Data Program provides members with accurate, timely data on the production of composites in key markets. ACMA’s investment in market data is vital for the entire industry.


How does the program work?

The program models aggregate production in each market segment based on raw material shipments data provided by industry suppliers. Participating companies include major PE/VE resin producers, glass suppliers, and distributors. Composites production data is reported by major market segments for production of glass reinforced polyester and vinyl ester composites across five categories:

Infrastructure (including wind energy, industrial and transportation submarkets)
Construction (primarily residential and commercial vertical construction)
Other products (largely consumer and recreational goods).

What’s included in the report?

Each report offers raw data comparing results on a quarterly and yearly basis, numerically and graphically. A list of products covered in each category along with the participants list is available. Future announcements of newly released market data will appear in ACMA Insider.

Who has access to the data reports?

ACMA members can access quarterly composites industry market data reports, an exclusive member benefit, in the member resources (market growth) area of the members-only portal. Bi-annual reports will be published in the first and third quarter of the year. Check out current and past reports today.

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Will other types of composite materials be added to the report?

For now, the scope only covers glass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester thermoset composites. It is our goal to expand the program to include additional materials, as well as to provide a more finite look at subsectors of each market.

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