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Composites and Infrastructure

Innovative, cost-savings composites materials and solutions can revolutionize infrastructure with long-term, sustainable benefits. Build back better with composites.

Build Back Better with Composites

Latest Infrastructure Advancements


The Historic Infrastructure Bill Has Passed

What does the $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill mean for your business? Gain new insights on opportunities for composites.


Opening Opportunities in Infrastructure

A greater emphasis on sustainability and resiliency could expand the use of composite materials in the market.


Discover Composites Applications in Infrastructure

These applications last LONGER because they are high strength, will not rust or corrode and provide long term resistance with little maintenance.

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Wind Energy Applications for Composites

The wind industry has been increasing blade length approximately 6.5 feet per year over the last 10 years. The growth can be attributed, in part, to a developing offshore wind market and larger wind turbines with longer blades. The increase in length has allowed the industry to increase production by using larger turbines and, therefore, lower the cost of energy.

Learn about ACMA Board Committees

CGI committees establish standards and specifications to facilitate the use of composites in place of traditional materials, as well as provide composites education to various industries, including architecture, construction, and infrastructure. Infrastructure related committees include:

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