Open Molding

Enrollment in the Certified Composites Technician Open Molding (CCT-OM) allows employees and students to complete relevant training, testing, and certification. Thanks to the Open Molding process of manufacturing fiberglass composites, we can enjoy magnificent boat hulls and decks, RVs, trucks, spas, bathtubs, showers and many other finished products. Open Casting involves spraying or hand placement and can be accomplished in a number of ways. Over the years, these methods have been refined to be more energy efficient. To reduce VOC emissions, the new guns and heads dispense gel coats and resins, and roller impregnators pump the resin into something similar to a paint roller.

Ohio composites manufacturers can apply now for the Ohio state-run TechCred Program to receive state funding state funding for workforce development and training, including ACMA’s CCT program.

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As the original CCT program offered by the American Composite Manufacturers Association, CCT-Open Molding focuses on the broad scope of Open Molding technology, including gel coat applications, laminating techniques, and safety procedures.

The Certified Composites Technician Open Molding program (CCT-OM) provides a national composites certification standard to meet industry identified skill areas for current and future professionals working in facilities using this core composites process.

New Certifications

Newly enrolled candidates will receive online study resources, Basic Composites Manual, and Open Molding Study Guide. Successful completion of certifications by completing study, mastering material, and earning 80% or higher on credential testing results in national credential and earning 3.5 CEU's per earned certification.

Members: $297
Non-Members: $411


Enrolled candidates will receive an online workbook that can be used for successful completion of the exam by earning 90% or higher. Successful completion results in national credential and earning 3.5 CEU's per earned certification.

Members: $65 
Non-Members: $120

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