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ACMA offers many ways for members to support our active presence on Capitol Hill on behalf of the composites industry.

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Landmark Legislation Will Drive Composite Infrastructure Solutions

ACMA has a long history as an effective advocate for the composites industry in Washington. For many years the focus was...


ACMA Advocates for Composites in Transportation and Defense

Across Capitol Hill, many policymakers and federal agency officials understand the benefits of composites in infrastructure...


ACMA Advocates for Development of Standards for Composites in Infrastructure

For years, a lack of design codes and standards has been a major barrier to increased adoption of composites...

Political Action Committee

ACMA PAC is the only political organization in Washington dedicated to the success of the composites industry, providing crucial access to Members of Congress to promote a pro-business, pro-composites agenda now and in the future.

Why Join ACMA PAC?

Stand alongside other ACMA members who are committed to ensuring the composites industry has a strong voice in Washington.



Having a consistent, vocal presence is critical to ACMA’s ability to balance out the competing interests of other organizations pushing their own agendas on Capitol Hill.



ACMA PAC provides policymakers with important resources and information they need to make informed decisions about bills that specifically affect our industry's bottom line as well as our future.



ACMA builds strong, lasting relationships with Congressional members who have proven to be industry allies. Contributions to ACMA PAC can be used to support Senators and Representatives.

To receive donations to the ACMA PAC, federal law requires ACMA PAC to obtain advanced approval to solicit contributions from the executive and administrative personnel of ACMA’s corporate members. This means we may not solicit you for a contribution until you specifically authorize ACMA PAC to do so. Fill out a prior approval form to receive more information on how you can support your industry and Member of Congress through ACMA PAC.

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