Policy Agenda

ACMA works with Congress and Federal and State agencies to develop and implement legislation, regulation, and other policies that open and develop new markets for composite products and promote a positive business environment for our industry.

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Landmark Legislation Will Drive Composite Infrastructure Solutions

ACMA has a long history as an effective advocate for the composites industry in Washington. For many years the focus was...


ACMA Advocates for Composites in Transportation and Defense

Across Capitol Hill, many policymakers and federal agency officials understand the benefits of composites in infrastructure...


ACMA Advocates for Development of Standards for Composites in Infrastructure

For years, a lack of design codes and standards has been a major barrier to increased adoption of composites...


ACMA focuses on the policy priorities that will strengthen the composites industry and benefit our country, now and in the future.


INVEST in 21st Century Infrastructure Solutions

We believe federal and state policymakers should greater deploy composites to make infrastructure perform better, last longer, and cost less over the course of its life.


DEVELOP Composite Industry Standards

We believe federal research initiatives focused on infrastructure should partner with the composites industry to identify and overcome barriers that limit wider adoption of composite materials in infrastructure markets.


Harness Federal Research Programs

We believe federal material research programs addressing composites should be robust, reflect the depth and breadth of the industry, substantively engage small and medium enterprises, and focus on commercially viable solutions.


Modernize National Defense

We believe the US military should further research and appropriately acquire composite solutions that better position America to address 21st century global challenges.


Encourage U.S. Manufacturing

We believe a positive business environment that allows manufacturers to thrive and compete globally is essential to maintaining the viability and vibrancy of the American composites industry.

National Policy Agenda

Download our full Policy Agenda to learn all the ways in which we support the composites industry.

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