sustainability at acma

Sustainability at ACMA

Working together towards a more sustainable future in the composites industry

Upcoming Events:

Sustainability Forum IV: Decarbonizing the Composites Industry Supply Chain (Virtual)

July 11 – 13, 2023 / 11am – 2pm ET daily

Join us for this three-day educational virtual event covering a variety of topics such as:

  • Reducing net CO2e emissions from the fossil-to-polymer process
  • Biogenic polymer intermediates
  • The business of recycling: end-of-life automotive, construction and infrastructure products
  • Supply chain decarbonization from a global perspective

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At ACMA, we are at the forefront of sustainable composite manufacturing trends. Whether you’re looking for lightweight materials for the transportation industry, durable materials for construction and infrastructure, or innovative solutions for any other industry, we have the expertise and experience to gather the right industry leaders to impart the right information to help your business grow with sustainability in mind.

Our strategic commitment is to provide programming and opportunities to learn for composite manufacturers about technologies that are offered or under development by existing and potentially new suppliers of raw materials and intermediates, the timing to market for these materials and technologies, and the reductions in climate impact expected to be achieved using these technologies or materials.