Meet the team that’s committed to serving all who support the composites industry.


Cindy L. Squires, Esq.

President and CEO
Phone: 703-682-1656

Paige Patterson

Senior Operations Administrator
Phone: 703-682-1674

Mary L. Sáenz

Director, Customer Experience, DBA & PM
Phone: 703-682-1668


Carman Long, CMP, CEM

VP, Events, Education, Certification & Workforce Development
Phone: 703-682-1655

Keyla Alanes

Manager, Meetings
Phone: 703-260-6809

Lauren Findlay

Manager, Events
Phone: 703-525-0511

Denise Enck

Coordinator, Events
Phone: 703-525-0511


Martha Lowe

Director, Education Strategy
Phone: 703-260-6877

Kyle Jordan

Director, Certifications
Phone: 703-682-1665

Marketing & Sales

Eliana White

Director, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 703-665-5208

John Catapano

Director, Business Development
Phone: 571-645-5265

Chris Hennecy

Senior Marketing Manager, Programs and Events
Phone: 703-682-1663


Peter Hedger

VP Strategic Partnerships and Membership
Phone: 703-682-1661

Casey Kinler

Director, Membership Experience
Phone: 703-682-1662

Bradon Hulsey

Member Experience Coordinator
Phone: 703-682-1658

Government Affairs

Daniel Neumann

Vice President of Government Relations
Phone: 703-682-1657

John Schweitzer

Vice President – EH&S and Sustainability
Phone: 734-604-9095

Hannah Henry

Project Manager, Sustainability
Phone: 480-234-5933

Composites Growth Initiative

John Busel

Vice President, Composites Growth Initiative
Phone: 914-961-8007

Seray Bayoh

SR. Coordinator, CGI Committees
Phone: 703-682-1653