Standards Development

ACMA develops standards that promote due process, openness, balance, lack of dominance, and consensus by engaging members of the composites industry (i.e., material suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, academia, consultants, and end-users). In coordination with the Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) Committees, standards advocacy, and standards development, ACMA promotes activities to encourage the use of composites as the sustainable material of preference.

Standards Development Lifecycle

ACMA facilitates a standards development lifecycle that is open, fair, and collaborative that engages directly and materially interested stakeholders within the composites industry.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) coordinates standards, conformity assessment, and related activities in the United States of America. ANSI is a private, not-for-profit organization and is not a government agency, standards developer or certifier. ANSI accredits standards developers and conformity assessment bodies.

Announcements of ACMA’s standard development activities are published within the ANSI Standards Action publication.


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