Process for Recertification

The Certified Composites Technician program provides training and resources to keep you abreast of the latest technical advances and methods for composites manufacturing’s traditional applications. Keep your certification status current and recertify today.

Recertification is required every three (3) years to keep credentials active. The recertification program is an online self-study course designed to reinforce information learned during the initial certification and keep users updated on current trends, skills, and technical processes. The course consists of reference materials that are to be read and used to complete an online, open book test. The entire process is completed online in the ACMA Education Hub. 

Recertifications are to be completed on or before the CCT expiration date to keep credentials current. If not recertified within 12 months of certification expiration, individuals will be required to enroll as a new candidate, pay a full certification fee, and complete a proctor-administered exam. 


1. Verify
Login to the member portal to verify the expiration date on your CCT certificate. 
2. Email
Email to request a recertification invoice for online payment. Those with current membership will receive the member discounted price. 
3. Login
Once purchased, the workbook and exam will be immediately available in the Education Hub. This is an open book exam and using the workbook and notes as a reference is encouraged. Some candidates print out the recertification workbook as a reference to complete the questions.
4. Take the exam
After reviewing the recertification workbook, open the recertification exam and begin. 
5. Recertifed
Once submitted, the recertification exam will automatically be graded. If passed, a notice will display onscreen allowing users to print a temporary certificate. ACMA will mail a hard copy certificate within 4 weeks of completion. Please be sure the correct mailing address is provided in your MyACMA portal. 

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