About CGI 

The Composites Growth Initiative (CGI) is a program that brings together member companies to collectively promote and expand the use, understanding, and acceptance of composite materials and products in multiple markets and industry segments to inform and educate engineers, architects, designers, and specifiers. CGI supports ACMA’s goal for member company prosperity and vision to make composites the sustainable material of preference.  

What is unique about CGI is that member companies work collaboratively on projects that address key industry barriers to market penetration which are too large for any company or committee to undertake alone. This is accomplished through our CGI committees where they work on initiatives that cover education, marketing, standards development, industry outreach, and advocacy. 

CGI Activities

CGI committees determine the type and which activities are needed which meets the needs of the members in the respective committee with the goal of providing education and awareness. Below are categories and examples of these activities.  


Educating engineers, architects, designers, and specifiers is one of the most important activities of CGI Committees. We do this through technical presentations at end-user events, our Composites Technology days, and conducting technical workshops or webinars. 


Promoting the composites industry to new users in existing or emerging markets is an important component in market development. The supply chain from our CGI Committees comes together to promote awareness and education through exhibit booths or pavilions to draw attention to composites at end-user events. 

Standards Development

One of the most important activities of our CGI Committees is developing standards either through ACMA or working in other technical societies or organizations on their industry codes, standards, and specifications to better position composites technology acceptance in existing and new or emerging markets. 


Exploring new markets and opportunities helps ACMA members look to the future to expand their business or product portfolio. CGI represents the composites industry where unified industry collaboration is needed to identify emerging markets and develop relationships with key stakeholders. 


CGI supports ACMA Government Relations activities and strategy with identifying barriers to market growth and working with ACMA Staff to educate elected officials that could influence and change legislation on Capitol Hill or to educate federal agencies on the benefits of composites. 

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The CGI Committees are the backbone of the CGI program. Member companies representing the entire supply chain of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and academics work together to grow the composites market.

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We welcome all members to join CGI committees. CGI Committees have additional dues assessments to undertake their various projects and initiatives, but you need to be an ACMA member. For more information, please contact the CGI Team.

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