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Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Structures

This working group is coordinating efforts to draft the Code of Standard Practice Industry Guidelines for Fabrication and Installation of Pultruded FRP Structures.

Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Crossarms

This working group is coordinating efforts to finish a draft of the Specification for Fiberglass Crossarms for Distribution Utility Structures.

Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Utility Poles

This working group is initiating efforts to update the current Standard Specification for FRP composite utility poles (ANSI/ACMA/UCSC-FRP Composite Utility Poles-1-2018).

Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Grating & Stair Treads

This working group is coordinating efforts to update and revise the Fiberglass Composites Grating Manual for Pultruded and Molded Grating and Stair Treads (ANSI/ACMA/FGMC-Grating Manual-2017).

Public Review & Comments

The public review process encourages materially or directly interested parties to provide comments on consensus standards, specifications, technical data sheets, industry best practices, and other guidance being proposed, revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn.

ACMA invites public comment on the following ACMA standards and related activities. The following topics were announced for public comment in accordance with ANSI Standards Action. To provide comments, click here to access the ACMA Public Review Comment Form. Instructions on how to submit your feedback/comments and a protected copy of the specific documents are available within the Form as a link for reference.

Updated scope of ASD Accreditation

ACMA has submitted an updated scope of ASD accreditation for review. The 30-day comment period concludes December 11, 2023. 


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