About Sustainability at ACMA

At ACMA, we are dedicated to advancing sustainability within the composites industry. Our commitment is exemplified through initiatives such as the Climate Impacts Project. This project focuses on providing essential tools, resources, and education for composite manufacturers to assess their climate impacts. By addressing these impacts, we ensure members are well-equipped to meet customer demands for transparent and sustainable practices. 

Educational resources for LCAs and EPDs

For success in sustainability-driven markets, like infrastructure and automotive, composites manufacturers must understand and be able to deploy concepts and tools such as Lifecycle Analysis, Environmental Product Declaration, carbon accounting, and ESG. ACMA should be the source of information and education on sustainability for composites manufacturers. 

Case Studies (Coming Soon)

Sustainability & LCA Tutorial (part 1)

Commercial Recycling Activity

Access a curated list of companies that perform composites recycling resources in an online resource compiled by the Recycling Resources Task Group from the Composites Sustainability Council (CSC). The resource includes information on the type of recycling process used, type of composites scrap collected, type of recycled products produced and other services the company performs.  

ACMA’s library of sustainability-related publications

ACMA members have access to bibliography of research papers and other documents and resources related to the recycling of composites and other sustainability topics.