This webinar discusses composites applications, materials, fabrication options and product examples that provide advanced corrosion resistance.

This exciting webinar explores a new composite material consiting of glass or carbin fiber and Co-Graphene. This webinar is powered by TLC Products, Inc.

The presentation covers new innovations in low density, light weight sheet molding compound (SMC) for real-world automotive applications.
The information in this webinar provides a solid working knowledge of graphene that is important to a proper understanding of the potential benefits and risks of using graphene.

Listen in as Arkema shares how Elium, a low viscosity reactive resin system, allows processing similar to traditional thermosets while maintaining the thermoplastic advantages in the final part.

Learn the terms being used to describe new aircraft that use electric or hybrid-electric propulsion systems, like Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), air taxis, passenger drones and flying cars.
Learn how embedded fiber optic sensing systems in smart structures can monitor and provide critical performance and safety data on smart infrastructure. This webinar is powered by Luna Innovations.

Learn about the applications of the SandRob robotic system in surface finishing operations of complex shapes, and the ways it can address the most common manufacturing challenges. This webinar is powered by Roboticom.

CCT Instructors explore essential processing characteristics, mechanical properties of common composite materials, and the steps for producing thoroughly wet out, well-compacted laminate without air bubbles or dry spots.