Listen in as speakers from law firm Arnold & Porter, discuss a Biden Administration program to prohibit the importation of products made using forced labor that is now impacting the composites industry.
Listen in as ACMA staff discuss recent wins from the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Learn more about basalt properties and characteristics, basalt’s performance in various composite materials, and potential applications for basalt in composites today and in the future.
In this webinar, the technical problems involved in recycling glass and carbon fiber composites were discussed alongside active research to recover and convert these materials into new value-added products.
In this town hall with ACMA members, Congresswoman Stevens provided an update on the Congressional response to the COVID crisis and plans by leaders on Capitol Hill to jumpstart the manufacturing economy.
Hear from the American Chemistry Council regarding concerns that durable products will get swept up with single-use disposable polymer packaging and other products and be subject to recycling requirements or production limitations.
Hear about some of ACMA's latest projects and intiatives, and learn more about one of ACMA's newest member benefits provided through a partnership with Job Target, a career platform promising to boost the industry's workforce.
ACMA’s Aerospace Thermoplastic Composites Collaborative (ATCC) has identified a number of growth areas and applications for thermoplastic matrix composites in the aerospace sector. Listen in to learn about the ATCC, where it has been, and where it is going.
ACMA and Lucintel partner to provide insight into the state of the market with a breakdown by various industries. Lucintel explores the recent market trends, and provide insight into the major factors impacting the composites market.