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ACMA Members and Staff Make Progress for FRP with ACI Committee 440 ACI Committee 440 aims to develop and report …

ACMA Members and Staff Make Progress for FRP with ACI Committee 440

ACI Committee 440 aims to develop and report information on fiber reinforced polymer for internal and external reinforcement of concrete. At the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Spring Convention in San Francisco, CA, Committee 440 set high standards for education and standards development.

Check out this exciting news from ACI Committee 440: 

  • At the ACI Spring Convention, Dr. Antonio Nanni, professor at the University of Miami, 100th president of ACI, and long-time ACMA member gave an informative presentation on unique concrete gravel featuring an FRP rebar handle. 
  • Recently, ACI CODE 440.11-22 was approved in International Code Council (ICC) Building Officials online vote for adoption by reference into model International Building Code (IBC) 2024. This code is also being integrated into the ACI 318 Concrete Building Code.  
  • The Committee is preparing for a special symposium at the ACI 2024 Spring Convention in April in New Orleans. The symposium is FRP-Reinforced Concrete Structures – 16 (FRPRCS). This symposium will feature 100+ peer reviewed technical papers on everything related to FRP composites and concrete.  
  • The committee received final approval and publication of 2 specification documents and 2 design guideline updates related to concrete strengthening and masonry strengthening.  
  • The committee is drafting a new design guideline for Concrete Filled FRP Tubes to be used in column applications.  
  • The committee will be creating a new roadmap to include short and long term goals for advancing FRP in concrete which will include standards development and education. ASTM D30 has 12 active test method standards, with several new ones to be published on basalt/glass FRP bar product specification and a dowel bar product specification. 
  • Lastly, plans are in motion to hold a student FRP concrete beam competition at the ACI Fall Convention in Boston, MA, Oct. 29 – Nov. 2. The ACMA FRP Rebar Manufacturers Council will provide FRP Rebar samples for the kits and cover expenses for shipping bars to the student teams. 

Have questions? Contact John Busel for more information.  

33 years of Committee 440 Leadership pictured below. ACMA’s John Busel, F.ACI is in the center.