6 – Sustainable bio composites for aircraft components

January 19, 2024

Due to the environmental regulations and increase in awareness about eco-friendly materials, most of the aerospace structure researchers have focussed on green composites which are reusable and recyclable, whereas the current synthetic fiber-based thermoset composites cannot be recyclable. Leading aircraft manufacturing firms such as Airbus and Boeing have started their research into the use of natural fiber as a potential material for aircraft interiors. Extensive research in the natural fiber-based green composites with respect to the aircraft structure is required, especially moisture absorption, flammability, surface modification techniques, and the impact of advanced nanomaterials on green composites. This chapter addresses the advantages and drawbacks of natural fiber in the aircraft structures, aircraft product design stages, and aerospace components which have been made using natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites, and includes case studies and future scope. 
Naveen Jesu Arockiam, Mohammad Jawaid, Naheed Saba
Naveen Jesu Arockiam, Mohammad Jawaid, Naheed Saba. (2018), 6 - Sustainable bio composites for aircraft components. Sustainable Composites for Aerospace Applications in Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering. pg. 109-123. Doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-08-102131-6.00006-2.