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Composites & Sustainability

Innovative, cost-savings composites materials and solutions can revolutionize infrastructure with long-term, sustainable benefits. Build back better with composites.

Make It Faster, Lighter, Stronger, and More Sustainable with Composites

Latest Sustainability Initiatives


Join the Next Sustainability Forum in Anaheim

Join this collaborative forum focused on reducing climate impacts and advancing sustainability efforts in composites manufacturing.


ACMA's Sustainability Forum Post-Show Report

Dozens of composites manufacturing industry leaders and sustainability officers attended the two-day sustainability-focused forum.

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Climate Impact project

The new ACMA initiative will equip manufacturers of fiber-reinforced-polymer composite and cast polymer products with tools, education, and technical resources to provide their customers with important information about the climate impacts associated with the production of their products and raw materials.

Learn about ACMA Committees

CGI committees establish standards and specifications to facilitate the use of composites in place of traditional materials, as well as provide composites education to various industries, including architecture, construction, and infrastructure. Infrastructure related committees include:

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