Fostering Sustainability: The Environmental Advantages of Natural Fiber Composite Materials – a Mini Review

May 15, 2024


Over the past few decades, natural fibre composites (NFCs) have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional materials like fiberglass, garnering significant interest from researchers and academics, particularly in the context of environmental protection. The spotlight has been on natural fibres such as abaca, bamboo, banana, coir, flax, hemp, jute, kenaf, pineapple leaf (PALF), sisal, and more. These fibres have gained attention due to their several advantageous qualities, including lower weight, cost-effectiveness, reasonably competitive mechanical properties, impressive specific strength, and the potential for biodegradability, making them promising candidates for use as biomaterials. Consequently, they can serve as substitutes for conventional composite fibres like glass, aramid, and carbon in various applications. Furthermore, natural fibres have piqued the interest of an increasing number of researchers because of their ready availability in nature and as by-products of agricultural and food systems, contributing to the enhancement of the environmental ecosystem. This interest coincides with the construction, automotive, and packaging industries’ search for environmentally friendly materials to replace synthetic fibres. The utilization of natural fibres is not only logical but also practical, as their fibrous form can be easily extracted and reinforced through chemical, physical, or enzymatic treatments. This article provides a brief overview of NFCs, delving into their chemical, physical, and mechanical characteristics. Additionally, it offers a concise discussion of their diverse applications, all with a central focus on their positive impact on environmental protection.


Palanisamy, S., Murugesan, T.M., Palaniappan, M., Santulli, C., & Ayrilmiş, N. (2024). Fostering Sustainability: The Environmental Advantages of Natural Fiber Composite Materials – a Mini Review. Environmental Research and Technology.