Recycling of Reinforced Glass Fibers Waste: Current Status

January 19, 2024

In this paper, a review of the current status and future perspectives for reinforced glass fiber waste is undertaken, as well as an evaluation of the management hierarchy for these end-of-life materials. Waste levels are expected to increase in the coming years, but an improvement of collection routes is still necessary. The recycling processes for these materials are presented. The associated advantages and disadvantages, as well as the corresponding mechanical characteristics, are described. Although mechanical shredding is currently the most used process, there is a potential for thermal processes to be more competitive than others due to the fiber quality after the recycling process. However, the energy requirements of each of the processes are not yet well explained, which compromises the determination of the economic value of the recycled fibers when included in other products, as well as the process feasibility. Nevertheless, the work of some authors that successfully integrated recycled glass fibers into other elements with increased mechanical properties is evaluated. Future recommendations for the recycling of glass fiber and its commercialization are made.
Gonçalves RM, Martinho A, Oliveira JP
Gonçalves RM, Martinho A, Oliveira JP. (2022), Recycling of Reinforced Glass Fibers Waste: Current Status. Materials (Basel) 15(4):1596. Doi: 10.3390/ma15041596.