Review on Sisal and E Glass Fiber Composites for Roof Tiles

May 8, 2024


Composite materials have emerged as a pivotal technology in mechanical and civil engineering, with matrix and reinforcement serving as fundamental components. This dynamic interplay involves one element as the foundational material and the other as an augmenting agent, unified through epoxy resin as a bonding agent. This study focuses on a comprehensive review of hybrid composites, specifically employing sisal and E Glass fiber, for roofing tile applications. Rigorous examination of various articles from diverse journals informs the material characterization process, involving meticulous sample preparation and testing. Beyond sisal and E Glass composites, the literature also explores substitute materials, broadening the scope of potential applications. Emphasizing environmental consciousness, this research aligns with the green materials paradigm, presenting eco-friendly and sustainable solutions within the prevailing environmental context. By delving into alternative composites and their potential benefits, this work contributes to the ongoing discourse on advancing materials science for environmentally responsible applications in the fields of mechanical and civil engineering.


Aravindhan, Naveen, & Sivasankaran (2024). Review on Sisal and E Glass Fiber Composites for Roof Tiles. Journal of Recent Trends in Mechanics.