In this webinar, the technical problems involved in recycling glass and carbon fiber composites were discussed alongside active research to recover and convert these materials into new value-added products.

Under EPA’s final Risk and Technology Review rule-making, most composites manufacturers are now required to use a new reporting tool and submit emissions data via the agency’s data exchange website, Learn how.

The session provides information on the manufacturing and technical components of composites, as well as how they are used in various market segments. Perfect for those new to the composites industry or are interested in an overview!

Join us to experience an advanced additive manufacturing tooling system that enables molders to produce a mold within days, instead of weeks by digitalizing the workflow. This webinar is powered by Massivit.

This webinar highlights laser-assisted winding technology that provides a process for UD-reinforced thermoplastic winding, which is material efficient, cost effective, and has high levels of quality control. This webinar is powered by AFPT GmbH.

This webinar explores the ins and outs of Flame Retardant (FR) additives, their critical role in product safety, and the evolving regulatory landscape in North America. This webinar is powered by PiNFA and CAMX.

This webinar explores a cutting edge software using AI based machine learning to analyze and quantify commingling consistency into a quality measurement called the Coats Commingling Index (CCI).

This webinar examines a series of thermoplastic composite cycles to determine what effect repetitive oven/press cycles have on the mechanical nature of the laminate and physical change of the polymer. This webinar is powered by Teijin Carbon America.

Listen in to learn about some of the most common composite testing challenges, methods of testing, international standards, testing equipment, and a look at future trends. This webinar is powered by Instron.