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ACMA member, Bestbath, has built and maintained a reputation as a leading manufacturer of bath products since 1969.   Bestbath has …

ACMA member, Bestbath, has built and maintained a reputation as a leading manufacturer of bath products since 1969.   Bestbath has recognized that their skilled fiberglass fabrication teams are a critical asset and has incorporated the Certified Composites Technician program to build this successful production team.   According to Hugo Castillo, Continuous Improvement Manager and CCT-Instructor at Bestbath, “The Certified Composites Technician (CCT) program serves as a critical component in our manufacturing process to further enhance the skills and knowledge for building quality FRP products.” Located in an area with a low unemployment rate and high competition for skilled workers, they have adopted the Certified Composites Technician program to improve employee expertise, maintain high volume production, retain team members, and enhance product quality.

The Bestbath workforce includes over 25 Certified Composites Technicians on staff that fill key positions and form an experienced team to lead the manufacturing facility.  With a bilingual workforce, Bestbath utilizes both the English and Spanish language certification programs, and also employs two CCT-Instructors, a designation provided only to those who have completed the CCT program in at least one specialized area, plus the rigorous in-person training held each spring.  Bestbath employees work to earn Certified Composites Technician certifications to meet the needs of a high-volume quality fiberglass manufacturing.   “We, as leaders, need to ensure our teams are equipped with all the tools necessary to complete any tasks that are given.  The CCT program is the tool that allows us to see the transformation of team members into knowledgeable members of the team.   Putting what they learn from CCT courses into practice helps us ensure we are doing our job as well as they do theirs with a measurable standard”  Frank Alvarez,  Maintenance and Facilities Manager, CCT-Instructor.

Keeping production quality up, increasing efficiency, keeping material waste minimized, and safety, are all critical advantages of having Certified Composites Technicians working at Bestbath. The Certified Composites Technician program provides nationally recognized, best-practice manufacturing training in a measurable way that can be implemented as part of production procedures.  Bestbath has successfully implemented employee development standards using company procedures and the Certified Composites Technician program.

Frank Alvarez (far right) demonstrates fiberglass chopper gun assembly with Bestbath employees and Continuous Improvement Leader and fellow CCT-Instructor, Hugo Castillo (second from left).