National Composites Week 2020

National Composites Week Slated for August 24 – 28, 2020 This August, the composites industry will once again come together …

National Composites Week Slated for August 24 – 28, 2020

This August, the composites industry will once again come together for National Composites Week, providing a unique opportunity for all of us to celebrate everything that the broad composites industry offers. From materials that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and products that last and solve problems, to providing the latest in new technology for a variety of market segments – composites represent innovation in a number of forms.

Our industry is no stranger to finding solutions to major societal issues. Decades ago, composite stack liners helped mitigate America’s acid rain crisis. We made America’s boats, trucks, and cars more fuel efficient and resistant to rust and other degradation. We enable wind and solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We make strong, blast resistant protective equipment to keep our soldiers safe. The list of successes goes on and on, but the list of what more we can do is even longer. The world needs to know the story of the greatest materials they don’t know they can’t live without.

ACMA members are in a unique position to showcase our industry’s abilities and many are doing so already. Whether it’s hosting a plant tour for a Member of Congress to showcase how policies enacted in Washington affect daily operations or collaborating with OEMs to provide design solutions that will be passed on to the consumer, the work of our members helps elevate the profile of composites and provides options and choices to consumers.

Now, National Composites Week provides us with a vehicle to tell that story to an even larger audience, and to educate them on the myriad of options composites can provide.

In order to tell a broader audience about all the great things we already know about composites, we encourage your company to participate in a variety of ways, including:

  • Communicating to employees how composites make a difference and what makes them unique. Provide examples of how the products your team works on impact everyday life for the better
  • Celebrating the work your company does on social media by highlighting success stories and products. Make sure to share photos or video if available
  • Engaging local colleges or educational programs to highlight the benefits of learning about and working in the composites industry
  • Inviting your Member of Congress or another elected official for a meeting or tour of your facility to highlight the work your team does to those in charge of enacting policy (this can be done virtually if desired). ACMA members can connect with the Government Affairs team for assistance here

Visit for more information on how your organization can get involved and for informational material that can be utilized. ACMA is proud to support National Composites Week!

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