Green composites: An overview

January 19, 2024

The use of natural fibers to reinforce polymers is a well-established practice, and biocomposites are increasingly used in sectors such as automotive and construction. Green composites are a specific class of biocomposites, where a bio-based polymer matrix is reinforced by natural fibers, and they represent an emerging area in polymer science. This work discusses the environmental benefits deriving from the use of natural fibers in polymer composites and from substitution of oil-derived polymers by bio-based polymers as matrix material. New trends in the selection of natural fibers, that is, from waste rather than from valuable crops are described. Recently developed thermoplastic and thermosetting bio-based polymers are reviewed, and commercially available green composites obtained thereof are discussed.
Zini, E. and Scandola, M.
Zini, E. and Scandola, M. (2011), Green composites: An overview. Polymer Composites 32: 1905-1915.