Plant-based natural fibre reinforced cement composites: A review

January 19, 2024

The quest for sustainability in construction material usage has made the use of more renewable resources in the construction industry a necessity. Plant-based natural fibres are low cost renewable materials which can be found in abundant supply in many countries. This paper presents a summary of research progress on plant-based natural fibre reinforced cement-based composites. Fibre types, fibre characteristics and their effects on the properties of cement-based materials are reviewed. Factors affecting the fresh and hardened properties of cement-based composites reinforced with plant-based natural fibre are discussed. Measures to enhance the durability properties of cement-based composites containing plant-based natural fibres are appraised. Significant part of the paper is then focused on future trends such as the use of plant-based natural fibres as internal curing agents and durability enhancement materials in cement-based composites. Finally, applications and recommendations for future work are presented. 
Obinna Onuaguluchi, Nemkumar Banthia
Obinna Onuaguluchi, Nemkumar Banthia. (2016), Plant-based natural fibre reinforced cement composites: A review. Cement and Concrete Composites 68: 96-108.